Soap Strainer Tools by SoundSoap

Strainer Tools

Also know as the pull-me-through-thingi-ma-bob ...

A strainer tool is used to create colour patterns when making round soaps in tubes.

We can provide:

  • Ready made designs
  • Stainless Steel centre rod with nuts to fit
  • Custom Design just for you
  • Proven concept - we use it ourselves

Ready made Designs

These are scrapers we have designed for our own projects. Of course you will get a freshly printed scraper.

We can also supply you with a centre stainless steel rod to pull the strainer through. We have designed our strainers to go with 3mm threaded rods, but we have successfully experimented with 3mm wooden dowels. If you only make one batch at a time, you will only need one stainless steel rod and the assorted nuts we supply. Because the strainer is fixed at the bottom with two nuts, you can simply replace it depending on the design you want to use.
For ease of shipping we recommend to use 200mm long rods, but we can supply longer (up to 330mm) if you don't mind the higher shipping cost. Each rod comes with a set of Nyloc (self-locking) and flanged nuts. The nyloc nut is preset for the thickness of our strainers.

The rod is DIN975, which is an A4 grade 18//8 stainless steel (Type 316 S16). It has a higher level of corrosion resistance than A2 S/S. This is suitable for use in most food, medical, chemical applications. The nuts we supply are 304 stainless steel.

All of our Soaping Tools are 3D printed on one of our printers, depending on what they are needed for we use different filaments. For these strainers PLA is the best material. It is biodegradable and of medium strength and flexibility. Just perfect for this kind of tool. The main thing for you as a user to watch out for is heat: Do not heat the PLA strainer to more than 60°C or it will deform. This will almost certainly happen when you try to clean your strainer in a dishwasher.

Ready-made designs available:

Even if we call it ready-made design, you can still define the final look of the strainer you get. The basic parameters are:

Even if you settle for "like on the image", we would need the two diameter measurements explained above.

Strainer Design: Curve-Dot


For this design the parameters you can define are the angle between the individual 'Curve-Dots', the diameter of the dot and the curve, as well as thickness of the curve and the distance from the center.

Buy one of those

Strainer Design: Y with Ring


This look is similar to a strainer tool originally designed by LoveYourSuds in Canada. We have taken the idea a couple of steps further and offer you a chance to get YOUR design - like with all our strainers. We can make one, when you tell us the length of the straight part of the Y and the angle of the Y.

I'll get one of those

Strainer Design: Star


Based on the similar with the ring removed to look more like a star. Same parameters.

Yes please ...

Strainer Design: Dot-Slot


Can you tell, that our resident designer Stefan is more of a math/programmer-guy, than a poet? Well, otherwise he would have come up with better names for the designs, ok?

Tell him the length of the slot, as well as the diameter of the two circles and how many slots your designs is supposed to have and the 3D printer is rattling away in next to no time.

We since have made another version, called the Flower strainer, which is based on this design, but works better in our opinion. That is why the Dot-Slot is not available for sale anymore.

Strainer Design: T-Dot


How many designs can one make out of circles and slots? Not sure, but Stefan is trying to find out.

We can make you one of these when you tell us the number or T-Dots (more precisely the angle between them), the length and width of the slot as well as the diameter of the dot itself.

What a cute thing to have

Strainer Design: Elong-Dot


This is a variation of the Dot-Slot design. Really? Yep just adding another circle.

So on top of the design requirements from the Dot-Slot design, we need the diameter of the third circle in the middle of the slot

A real classic - I want to try this

Custom Designs

Our designs fit a standard PVC down pipe with 65mm inside diameter, but if you want different sizes or your very own design, then you need to talk to us.

In order to make your own design, you either need pen and paper (yes we know how to use these ancient technologies) or use a computer and draw your design electronically.

E-mail us before you embark on your design journey, as we have a few finer points to follow to help you creating a successful product. Once all is finished we convert this into the language a 3D printer understands and you will receive a unique strainer - Just for you! If you can agree for us to use the design ourselves or sell, then you will be charged a discounted price.

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