100% Olive Oil soap - Castille

mild natural soap

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Castille soap - 100% olive oil - Natural soap

This soap should be great for sensitive skin.
It is a bit more expensive because I used more expensive ingredients than in my usual soaps and also because of the long cure time (8 months) that is necessary for pure olive soaps. The longer they cure they better they get (like fine wine). New olive soaps might have a slimy feel and no lather, whereas longer cured soaps feel much nicer and produce more foam.
Because I made the soap with the Hot process technique I was able to reduce the curing time. Castille soap made with Cold process technique should really cure for a whole year.

Scented with a essential oils: Orange 5fold, Basil

Olive Oil (infused with rosemary + bay leaves), Marlborough Olive Oil,
Rosmary Kombucha Vinegar, (NaOH),  yoghurt, sod. Lactate, honey,
rosemarin oleoresin, clove oil

Palm-oil free! Handmade!
Compostable Packaging (Cellulose)

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