100% pure organic Tallow soap with infused Rhubarb - fragrance free (Butterfly)

Rhubarb Soap

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A soap for purists: 100% tallow (The fat came from an organic farm here in the Marlborough Sounds and was rendered by us - we do render all our tallow ourselves).
I infused the tallow with rhubarb powder (harvested from rhubarb roots from our garden - they were cleaned and processed, than dehydrated and milled into a fine powder and then infused with the tallow).
I put a lot of care into the recipe - because normally 100% tallow soaps don't lather very well, I added some sugar and citric acid, which helps to get more lather and also decided to use the dual lye method. I used mainly the usual sodium hydroxide (NaOh - lye), but added a part of potassium hydroxide (KOH - lye) as well. This is usually used for liquid soaps, but has the advantage here of producing a bit more lather than a 100% NaOh soap usually would.

The biggest surprise with this soap was the colour - from a sort of ochre yellow in the infusion it turned dark red when I added the lye - these are the things that make you feel like a proper witch behind the cauldron...

I decided to use no fragrance, to make this a soap very suitable for people with sensitive skin and skin problems.

Watch a video of how the soap lathers here:

Soap ingredients:

Tallow (infused with rhubarb powder), Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, sugar, citric acid

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