Giftbox: Calendula and Salve

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On Special now, as the salve is not getting any younger, but should still be good to use for some time.

This is "The Calendula Box"

1x Calendula soap (scented with Blood Orange and L'Occitane verbena)
1 x Calendula salve from Sounds Salves a 30g
1 x hand crocheted soap saver bag (yellow)
All in a nice cardboard box made from recycled cardboard

This is really special as you are not only getting a beautiful Soundsoap soap and the hand crocheted soap saver bag (made by Heike), but a fabulous add-on from other Marlborough artists/craftspeople as well - the wonderfully famous Calendula Salve "Carmen's Cracks made by Sounds Salves.

Calendula fragrance:
Blood Orange  (Zen Designs)
A tangy, juicy orange scent with just a touch of floral thyme.
L’occitane Verbena (Zen Designs)
Our very beautiful duplication of this designer fragrance begins with sparkling top notes of lemon, lemon, lemon and a little lime and peach, atop a base of rose, geranium, and green lemon leaves.

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