Giftbox: The Blue Box

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This is "The Blue Box"
1x Sounds Beach soap (scented with Beach Daisies)
1x Ocean Breeze soap (scented with Ocean Breeze)
1x Driftwood soap (scented with Driftwood)
1 jar Beldi soap (90-100g)
1 x hand crocheted washing cloth
1 blue soap dish with a handfelted soap pad
All in a nice cardboard box.

Beldi soap is a very special soap, more like a paste and is made with Black Olive puree, Olive Oil and some sunflower oil (with Vitamin E). It doesn't lather much, but is very nice for sensitive skin and is used in Maroccan Hammans. You might google it for more information (too long to describe it here).
Turn your shower into a spa

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