Lotion Bars (solid cream, not soap!)

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Lotion Bars - now in a heart shape

A hand lotion in solid form. Easy to apply, just warm a bit in your hand. Made with organic tallow and beeswax from the Sounds.
Needs no preservative as no water is added. No more plastic tubes.

Tallow will soften rough edges on dry skin cells, making skin look smoother and softer, while beeswax acts as an occlusive*) , locking the tallow onto the skin for long lasting effect.
*) "Occlusives are moisturizing agents that work by forming a protective layer on the surface of your skin and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss," explains Olay Scientific Communications Senior Director Frauke Neuser Ph.D.

Be careful to keep them in a shady, cool place - when they get heat, they'll melt!

Scented with: Lavender Essential Oil (very subtle scent)


Organic Tallow, Cocoa Butter, NZ Sunflower Oil, Sounds Beeswax, Arrowroot, Lanolin, mica + Lavender Essential Oil

9-10g each

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