Pohutukawa Soap

Pohutukawa Soap, fragranced with Pohutukawa and Energy

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Pohutukawa - the New Zealand Christmas tree. It looks Christmassy and has a lovely flowery, a bit citrussy smell.

Scented with: Pohutukawa and Energy

You know how sometimes the best results are the unexpected ones? For this soap I had originally planned to do a pull through strainer swirl in a pipe and maybe some spheres.
But the fragrance had other plans - as soon as I put it into the soap batter, the soap totally thickened and all I could do was to quickly get one my normal soap loaf moulds out, do an in-the-pot-swirl of the colours and glob it in.

But when I cut it and added one of the lovely stamps that Stefan made me with some gold mica, I was really happy with the result.
I find, that sometimes soaps have their own ideas of how they want to look.

Soap Ingredients:

Saponified oils: (Tallow, Lard, Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, Castor). Water, Glycerine, Fragrance oil, mica

Description of Fragrances from the sellers webpages:

Pohutukawa Fragrance Oil (Candle Creations)
Fresh and delicate floral notes combine with light woody tones to deliver a lovely light Pohutukawa like fragrance. The Kiwi summer Christmas tree.

Top Notes: Bamboo, lime, spicy ginger
Mid Notes: Lily of the valley, jasmine, cashmere
Dry Notes: Black cardamom, sandalwood

Energy (Zen Aroma)
A strong citrus blend including lemon, lime, pomegranate and pineapple with hints of fresh jasmine.

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