Sea Treasure - Conch

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Delivery Status: 3-5 days

Scented with: Sea Salt & Orchid

From the same batch as the Sea Treasure soaps - just in a conch shape.

Soap ingredients:
Saponified oils: (Tallow, Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, Castor). Water, Glycerine, Fragrance oil, citric acid, sugar, mica

Description of Fragrances from the sellers webpage

Sea Salt & Orchid (Pure Nature)

An elegant and smooth blend of delicate florals with fresh salty highlights. The crisp ozonic notes of sea salt area upfront straight out of the bottle. However, in a wax or soap the calming notes of jasmine, cream, and musk will be revealed. This fragrance contains natural essential oils, including orange oil.

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