100% pure Tallow soap - Gingerbread Chocolate Fudge

100% tallow soap - Gingerbread Fudge

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Scented with Gingerbread and Chocolate Fudge Fragrance

100% tallow soap

This would make a great gift for people who love all things chocolate - just try not to eat the soap....

Lovely to have sitting around just for the wonderful scent.

Bonus: it cleans well too

Saponified fats: 100% Tallow.

Water, Glycerine*, Citric Acid, Sugar, Fragrance Oil

Fragrance Oil: Gingerbread and Chocolate Fudge

*Please note that I don't put any extra glycerine into the soap - this is just the glycerine that is created naturally during the soap making process.
According to NZ labelling rules the final ingredients of a product have to be listed.

Description of Fragrances from the sellers webpages:
Gingerbread Fragrance (Pure Nature)
Spicy, sweet and warm with a big kick of ginger. Our Gingerbread Fragrance Oil blends sweet, warm vanilla with spices for a homemade, fresh from the oven gingerbread scent.
This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including cinnamon leaf

Chocolate Fudge (Zen Aroma):
Dazzle your senses with this creamy chocolate aroma. An unmistakably timeless scent!

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