Rose Clay soap

Soap with pink clay and lanolin

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This soap contains pink clay and lanolin. **)

Scented with:  Love Spell, Victorian Rose

Soap Ingredients:
Saponified oils: (Tallow, Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, Castor). Water, Glycerine*), Fragrance oil, citric acid, sugar, lanolin, pink clay, mica

Fragrance: Love Spell, Victorian Rose

*) Please note that I don't put any extra glycerine into the soap - this is just the glycerine that is created naturally during the soap making process.
According to NZ labelling rules the final ingredients of a product have to be listed.

Description of products from the sellers webpage:

Love Spell (Zen Aroma) - fragrance
A Victoria’s Secret’s top-selling fragrance. Our Love Spell fragrance duplication is comprised of sweet citrus & berries atop a fruity floral heart. Irresistible!

Victorian Rose (Zen Aroma) - fragrance
The aroma of fresh cut roses with base notes of white musk and amber.

Pastel Pink Clay (Zen Aroma)
is perfect for balancing stressed and sensitive skin, as it creates a youthful appearance with ultimate hydration and skin firmness. Its hydrating properties help to refine delicate lines, moisturise and improve the overall texture of the skin.

Lanolin (Pure Nature)
As Lanolin is similar to substances found in human skin it acts as an excellent emollient soothing, moisturising, and protecting the skin whilst also functioning as an occlusive to help prevent moisture loss through the epidermis.
It is high in alpha-hydroxy acids which are commonly touted as having anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing properties.

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