Strainer - Square

While we provide a few 'ready made' designs all our strainers are made to order. You provide us with the size of your mould and you will receive a tool exactly fitting your requirements - all at no extra costs!

The default size for the square strainers fits the typical 1l milk carton. Once cleaned properly they provide a perfect mould because of their inner water proof coating.

You can also choose to receive an optional stainless steel rod. These come with a pair of nuts to fix the strainer. No messy strings attached - sorry the pun. The lock nut is set to accommodate for the thickness of the strainer all ready to go. Of course the provided rod and nuts are stainless steel to be soap batter safe.

To get an idea of how to use the strainers, please watch this video.

Custom design:

You would like a different design? Sure. If you provide us with an image or idea, we can make your very own strainer tool. Contact us to see if we can bring your idea into 3D reality.

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