Gall soap - Laundry Sticks (Gallseife)

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Traditionally used to remove stains. Perfect for pre-treating various kinds of stains, including grease, tea, coffee, blood and grass stains. Spot check in a small area before proceeding with general cleaning. Rub moistened bar onto stained areas, leave a few minutes, then wash with your normal laundry/detergent

Soap Ingredients:
Saponified oils of Coconut.
Gall-liquid, Water, Glycerine, Essential oil

EO: Orange (5fold) & Lemon scented Eucalyptus

As I rely on the local farmers to remember to save the gall liquid for me, this is usually only available in very limited amounts...

Properties of oils / materials used:

Coconut Creates a bubbly and effective cleansing lather. Adds firmness to soap bars for durability. Contains natural antioxidants to provide some skin protection.
Gall whether from ox or sheep, is traditionally used as a natural detergent in soapmaking. Enhances the soap's cleansing properties, helping to remove tough stains and dirt. Can contribute to a rich lather, making it suitable for laundry and stain-removing soap products.
Essential Oils It's important to note that while essential oils have gained popularity for their natural origins, they can be potent and should be used with care. Essential oils may trigger allergies or skin sensitivities in some individuals, and their usage often requires dilution and proper knowledge. Which is why we’re very careful in our usage of them and often prefer to use Fragrance oils. We adhere to European safety regulations and never put more than 3% into our oils and usually use a mix of Essential oils to really be on the safe side here. As with our fragrance oils, we only buy from reputable sellers.

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