You are a fan of our soaps and want a whole loaf for yourself? Prices start from:

Custom made loaf especially for you - email us at

Stock Status: Example only

You like our soap and a special fragrance so much that you want more of it?
You can order a whole loaf of goodness for a special price.

13 bars of soap (size: 6 x 9 cm) in one loaf for $81 (10% off the normal price).
Buy two or more loaves and you get 20% off  ($72 per loaf).

Maximum of three colours and a simple swirl.

Because the soaps have to cure an absolute minimum of 4 weeks, we need at least 8 weeks notice.

We require a pre-payment of 50% for all custom orders, payable upon invoice.

You need a custom stamp with your logo: one off cost of $30.

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