Custom made stamp

Please send us a message with your logo/picture first before ordering your custom made stamp here. We need to know the size of the stamp/soap and decide whether it is possible to convert your idea into a stamp.

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A custom made stamp with your logo and/or business name?

Not all logos or ideas are really a straight fit for creating your custom stamp and might tweaking. Best to send us a message to discuss your options before your purchase to avoid disappointment. We provide a free no obligations pre-purchase assessment.

As long as the lines are not too fine or the soap bar too small for your logo/text, we can probably help.

We offer two different styles of stamp:

  1. We prefer the design to be used with a rubber mallet. That is why they have the extension so you're not hitting your fingers. It also makes placement of the stamp on the soap so much easier, especially as they are almost transparent, so you can better judge the best position on your soap.

  2. Alternatively we can make you one with a handle (handblock), which probably makes it easier to use, when you want to push the stamp into the soap. We also would suggest this style if you are planning on stamping a lot of bars, as this style is really solid.

We send a manual on how best to use it, but to find the right time to stamp can be a tricky thing and requires some practise as it changes with every recipe.

The photo is just an example of one of our stamps.

The price for a custom stamp is $30 for the work (that includes one mallet stamp).
If you want a handblock stamp stamp the cost is an additional $8.

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