Strainer Connected 3 dots

Custom made just for you - you choose the size!

Stock Status: 95
Delivery Status: 6-7 work days

How to use, see our video on You Tube.

These Strainers are made to order. You can choose the outside diameter of the tool to fit your soap mold. Please allow at least 1mm 'space' between the tool and the mould, as not every tube is 100% perfectly round! So for a 65mm inside tube diameter a 63mm tool is the absolute maximum!

We prefer a size of 62 mm which fits nicely into a DN65 down pipe you can get from various building or plumbing suppliers.

The 3mm center hole fits our stainless steel center rods. If you need a different size, then let us know!

The stainless steel rods need to be ordered separately.


  • These custom made strainers are typically printed with a translucent PLA
  • Printed after you order
  • Custom made strainer can not be returned for a refund!
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