Edge Tool

Edge Tool

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One tool to edge them all ....

This versatile edging tool gives you 4 types of edges each in 2 different sizes. The smaller version will create a tiny edge about 2 mm, while the larger version is aiming for about 4mm.

The guidebox is uniquely designed to let the edge tool float just above the surface of the soap bar.

Don't try to cut the edge in one go! For getting the best results you should always start on the outside of the soap and gently pull the chosen edge over the corner to about center. Repeat from the other direction to avoid breaking off the corners. Gradually increasing the pressure until the edge-tool freely flows across the length of the bar.

Our guide box has an internal length of 110mm, which should be enough for most soap bars. Contact us if you need a larger guide box.

Photos show soaps that we edged with the tool.
Here is a link to a video where you can see how it's used:

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