Scraper - Cloud 2

Cloud forming scraper

Stock Status: 10
Delivery Status: 6-7 work days

width of the tool
Height of the product
Comes with a set of stainless wingnut fastener.

These Scrapers are made to order. You can choose the width of the tool to fit your soap mold. Please allow at least 1mm 'space' between the tool and the mould each side.

The optional height-bar will be calculated automatically according to the size you set. The bar will come with a stainless steel wing screw and nut to hold the two together.

To help you with the image scrapers: If the text is readable, then you are scraping the 'bottom' of the image. When holding it with text upside down you are working the upper part of the image.


  • Colours for display purpose only
  • These custom made strainers are typically printed with a translucent PLA
  • Do not heat the tool to more than 60°C or it might deform
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